Attractive experiential tourism in Hung Yen province

19:58, 24/04/2019

While Hung Yen does not have immense forests, majestic waterfalls, or blue beaches with yellow sunny and white sand as other places on the S-shaped strip of land, it still makes a great impression on visitors through ancient relics undergoing ups and downs of time. The history, culture, vibrant space of folk games in festivals and specialties carrying love of the countryside and soul of the land bring tourists an unforgettable memory.

Joy of tourists visiting ancient houses in Van Giang district
Joy of tourists visiting ancient houses in Van Giang district

When busy atmosphere welcoming the spring was in the air, we and foreign guests came to Mr. Nguyen Tri An's family in Me So commune (Van Giang district) to discover the unique culture on traditional Tet of the Northern Delta people.  Visitors can cook and enjoy Vietnamese-style dishes for Tet.
A Swedish tourist excitedly shared that  enjoying a piece of glutinous rice cake with a soft green color of phrynium leave, sweetness of glutinous rice, aroma of the green beans and pork along with the crispy fried spring rolls made by himself is an unforgettable experience and different from the places he used to go to such as restaurants and resorts.  It was great to gather around the fire, smell the aroma of the boiling pot of chưng cake and take a sip of a wine to congratulate a peaceful and happy new year.
The old house of Mr. An's family is known as an attractive destination for tourists in many European and North American countries.
Especially, the closer the Lunar New Year is, the more tourists visiting ancient houses because they want to experience the traditional values and learn about the living space and Vietnamese tradition of Tet.  Tourists not only get immersed in Vietnamese space of the old house in Van Giang district, the old village in Dai Dong commune (Van Lam district) but the land of all-year-round fragrant flowers and sweet fruits, also brings tourists a lot of emotions.
In the spring, when all things are reborn and trees sprout, visitors are free to walk in the fragrant space of longan flowers, listen to the buzz of bees seeking honey and immerse themselves in the space of folk festivals carrying the essence of wet rice civilization. 
Visiting Hung Yen, visitors are delighted to dive themselves into the new rice scent, put their feet on the fresh grass on the edge of the field, watch the waves of rice bobbing to feel the peaceful life in the countryside.  Along with that, tourists can relax by riding around the clean concrete village roads, or lying on hammocks, watching sweet litchi longan garden and enjoying special dishes which used to be offered to the King like longan and Dong Tao chicken and other rural folk gifts such as Phung Cong cake, Me So cudweed bread, Phuong Tuong stewed frog, Tieu Quan chicken patties.
Hung Yen also maintains a lot of unique customs and festivals, attracting tourists to discover traditional cultural values.  As a land of rich history, Hung Yen has many craft villages associated with the historical and cultural traditions of the Northern Delta people such as  Cao incense village, Lien Khe bamboo and rattan village, Thu Sy fish basket knitting village, Truong Xa wine village, Hue Lai silver carving village, Nghia Trai medicinal herb processing village, Long Thuong bronze casting, flower and bonsai Xuan Quan, etc.  Visitors can not only watch the production process but also talk with workers to explore local culture, traditions and customs.
By Vu Hue