Mau temple festival

19:56, 24/04/2019

From April 25 to 27 (or March 10 to March 12 in the year of the Dog on the lunar calendar), the Management Board of Pho Hien Special National Relic Area held the traditional festival of Mau temple (Hung Yen city).
Mau Temple is located on Bai Say road, Quang Trung ward, and was built at the end of the 13th century.  Mau temple was recognized as the National Cultural and Historical Site in 1990 and the relic belonging to Pho Hien Special National Relic Area.  Mau temple festival includes multiple cultural activities such as:  Incense offering, worshiping, temple gate singing, traditional procession and folk games attracting numerous people and tourists to visit and worship.
By Mai Nhung