Praying for rain festival at Phap Van pagoda

15:46, 19/05/2019

On April 10 (or the 6th of the year of the Pig on the Lunar calendar), Lac Hong commune (Van Lam district) held the praying for rain festival at Phap Van pagoda.  This temple was presented the certificate of the cultural and historical relic by the State in 1982. In 2018, the Prime Minister signed a decision to recognize this temple as a special cultural and historical relic.

The praying for rain festival in Lac Hong commune is closely associated with Four Dharma worship system:  Wind Dharma, Rain Dharma, Thunder Dharma and Lightning Dharma.

The praying for rain festival is a big festival attracting thousands of participants over magnificent scale in terms of space and long consecutive days, carrying traditional culture of the people cultivating rice in the North of the Red River Delta.

The praying for rain festival is held annually to pray for the national security, favorable weather, bumper harvests, and eternal and happy lives for people during the contribution to preserving, building and developing a culture imbued with national identity.

The festival this year takes place in 3 days, from April 10 to the end of April 12.

By Phuong Minh