Ân Thi district library keeps loyal readers

10:31, 24/08/2020

While many libraries and bookcases at grassroots level are in the state of dust covered because of the lack of readers, there are always many people coming to the district library to borrow books to read and to study.  Although there are not many advantages in facilities as well as equipment for readers, Ân Thi District Library has its own way to attract readers.

An Thi district library, a bright spot in the development of reading culture
An Thi district library, a bright spot in the development of reading culture


Located in the District Center for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ân Thi District Library has a fairly modest facility that is only a room of about 70m2 to serve the needs of borrowing and reading books on the spot of readers. Equipment for library activities is still sketchy, but for many readers, especially rural children, the district library is an extremely valuable treasure. According to statistics, Ân Thi district library has more than 9,000 books with 1,000 reader’s cards. In the era of information technology boom, many people think that the reading culture has been eroded, making the bookcases at grassroots level model poorly patronized. Ân Thi district library always attracts many readers to read and borrow books. When asked the secret to keep readers returning, librarian Lê Văn Đôi shared: “The district library welcomes from 25 to 30 readers daily to borrow and return books. The secret for readers keeping come back to the library, is very simple that instead of sitting still in the position of the book keeper. I am always enthusiastically advising and assisting readers in searching information and documents. When the library has a new batch of books, I shall introduce to every reader coming to the library, thus stimulating the readers' curiosity to learn about books. In addition, I always arrange books, newspapers and magazines orderly according to each topic so that readers can easily find and borrow books.  Most of readers of the district library are students, they often take advantage of the end of the class to go to the library to borrow books. Therefore, it is not appropriate as the library opens at working hours, I suggested the leader of Center of Culture, Sports and Tourism to serve readers at outside working hours”.  


It is the spirit, warm attitude and working by heart of librarian Lê Văn Đôi that has helped Ân Thi district library to "retain" its readers.  Nguyễn Thùy Dương, a student at Nguyễn Trung Ngạn High School (Ân Thi district) said: “In the past, I was afraid of reading books, but once I went to the district library with my classmates to borrow books. When Mr. Đôi saw that I was still confused and did not know which suitable book to choose out of thousands of books, he actively asked and helped me to find the suitable book for my age.  He is very enthusiastic and welcoming, so we feel very comfortable every time we come to borrow and return books at the library. Therefore, there are 2/3 of my classmates having reader’s card at the district library”. 


In order for the books to reach readers, Ân Thi district library also regularly adds books, newspapers and stories; coordinates with the provincial library to rotate books and newspapers to help the library attracting readers. In particular, Ân Thi district library also goes to schools to introduce books and arouse the passion for books with students. The notebook recording borrowing and returning books of Ân Thi district library is getting thicker and thicker. That is the happiness of Mr. Đôi and the cultural workers in Ân Thi district. They are always diligent, every time trying to do a good job of keeping the knowledge base in order to arouse passion, reading habits, and nurturing dreams and ambitions for children in rural areas.  


In today's fast-paced life, keeping a loyal reader in the library is not easy.  However, if any library staff works with the same mind as the librarian of Ân Thi district library, then surely the reading culture will still develop in the digital age. Ân Thi district library is a bright spot in the development of reading culture in the province and has received many certificates of merit from the province, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for its outstanding achievements in reading culture development.


By Vũ Huế


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