Longan consumption on e-markets

16:36, 01/08/2021

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in some localities in the province, it has greatly affected the consumption of longan through traditional consumption channels. This is a difficulty but also a driving force for farmers in the province to shift and expand longan consumption in the digital environment through e-commerce platforms. 

Staffs of Vietnam Post advise and guide people to consume longan through the Postmart e-commerce platform (postmart.vn)


In order to help farmers consume longan in the digital environment, from June 2021, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) staffs directly went to gardeners to guide them how to open, optimize booths, take product photos, post products for sale, track orders and how to pack, preserve, and transport the longan to other provinces and cities... As it is the first year of sales on the e-commerce platform, the constant concerns of farmers growing longan is how to introduce products and successful transactions, and how to pack and transport quality longan to the consumers. Vietnam Post has advised, explained and given specific support options, thus creating trust for growers to put their products on postmart.vn. By July 15, there were more than 400 suppliers as households and cooperatives growing longan in the province participating in sales on postmart.vn. In addition to fresh longan, suppliers also put on Postmart.vn other products such as: Dried longan, honey from longan flower, etc. In 2021, Vietnam Post is expected to support farmers in the province to consume about 3-5% of longan output, equivalent to 1,500 tons of longan via postmart.vn. Mr. Do Van Tuan, a longan growing household in Hong Nam commune said: This year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, it is difficult to sell longan directly to traders. When we were very worried by that difficulty, we were supported for consumption through the e-commerce platform. This is a completely new sales channel, so we were confused at first, but we were enthusiastically guided by the staffs of Vietnam Post. Up to now, we have confidently put our longan on postmart.vn to introduce and receive orders.


Joining the program to support Hung Yen longan consumption, Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation (Viettel Post) has set a target to support the consumption of about 300 tons of longan on the e-commerce platform voso.vn. Currently, Viettel Post staffs are actively supporting cooperatives, cooperative groups, and households with steps in putting products on the website as well as packing and transporting goods for consumption. In order to promote longan consumption through voso.vn, Viettel Post plans to apply the same price for Hung Yen longan shipping fees nationwide according to the combo of 15,000 VND/ 5kg of longan; 25,000 VND/10kg longan and 44,000 VND/20kg longan. Viettel Post also commits that consumers nationwide will receive their Hung Yen longan orders within 48 hours from the time of ordering. 

Other e-commerce platforms such as shopee.vn, sendo.vn... also actively participate in supporting people to consume longan on those sites. The first orders of longan sold on e-commerce platforms have delivered to consumers with quality assurance. In addition, the consumption of longan in the digital environment is also carried out by many households producing and trading longan through social network sites such as Facebook, Zalo, etc. In the current complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, consuming longan on the digital environment has both contributed to meeting the requirements of goods trade, bringing goods to consumers conveniently and safely, and ensuring the good implementation of epidemic prevention and control. 

The first boxes of Hung Yen longan were sold by Vietnam Post on postmart.vn


Putting the longan on the e-commerce platform is a new step forward and direction for farmers in general and Hung Yen longan growers in particular to have more distribution channels for agricultural products in the digital environment. However, as this is a new consumption channel, many cooperatives and households are still confused. There are still not enough booths selling Hung Yen longan (fresh longan products) on e-commerce platforms, product information is not complete and clear. Some booths introduced generically, did not clearly describe the design, product quality... Therefore, along with training and guidance to promote the Hung Yen longan on e-commerce platforms, it should support people in building the booth's prestige through the introduction, product description and clear traceability stamp... In addition, as the fresh longan has a thin skin that is easily damaged, in case of not carefully packed and transported, the fresh longan should be delivered to consumers as quickly as possible, ensuring the best freshness, gardeners need to choose a credit and responsible shipping company. With the active participation of postal businesses, it is hoped that Hung Yen longan will be sold smoothly on e-commerce platforms. As a result, it shall open a safe and sustainable consumption channel for longan, a special product of the province and contribute to improving economic efficiency for longan growers.


By Mai Nhung

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