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Over the history, Hung Yen homeland has had various different names, and experienced multiple adjustments of administrative boundaries. From the 16th to the 18th century, Pho Hien was known as the leading trading port of the country, a bustling urban area with busy trading activities, which was praised as “Thu nhat Kinh Ky, thu nhi Pho Hien” (literally translated as "the most important is the capital city, the second is Hien (Hung Yen) town) In the 12th year of Minh Menh (1831), the name "Hung Yen", officially born from the administrative reform of the Nguyen dynasty, that conveyed the desire for a land of eternal peace and prosperity. This was a significance event, a turning point in the history of the province, proving that this land developed to the level of an independent administrative unit under the central government. Over 190 years of establishment, up to now, Hung Yen has 10 district-level administrative units, 161 communes, wards and townships, located in the northern key economic region and Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh growth triangle.

Nguyen Van Linh square (Hung Yen city)


In spite of the modest area, as one of the four towns protecting Thang Long citadel, Hung Yen is a place of sedimentation, convergence and spread of the richness and uniqueness of the Red River Delta culture. Hung Yen also preserves many traditional cultural heritages, customs, practices, beliefs, festivals and a rich and unique system of historical and cultural relics, which contribute to the cultural identity of this longan land. Currently, Hung Yen province has over 1,800 relics, including 3 relics and special national relic areas; 172 monuments and relic areas ranked at the national level and now stands the 3rd in terms of the number of national-ranked relics nationwide. 

This region is also a land of spiritual, talented people and rich in studiousness tradition and will to overcome difficulties, assimilating a brilliant culture with an array of talented people, heroes, and famous cultural celebrities. Over 10 centuries of examination under Vietnamese feudalism, Hung Yen province logged 8 principle graduates out of 53 principal graduates of the whole country; 205 doctorates are inscribed on steles at Quoc Tu Giam Temple of Literature and 228 university graduates recorded at Xich Dang Temple of Literature. Regarding political and military field, there are Trieu Viet Vuong who fought against the Liang invaders; Imperial Concubine Y Lan who acted as regent twice to help two kings of Ly dynasty to revive the country and maintain the nation's independence against the invasion of the Song invaders; famous general Pham Ngu Lao helped Grand Prince Hung Dao Tran Quoc Tuan and the Tran dynasty defeated the Yuan - Mongol invaders; Nguyen Thien Thuat - the leader of Bai Say revolution against the invading French colonialists. In terms of culture and science, there are doctorate Chu Manh Trinh; Rosy Clouds Lady Doan Thi Diem- the female poet; Lazy Master of Hai Thuong - the best known and most celebrated physician; artist To Ngoc Van; writers Nguyen Cong Hoan, Vu Trong Phung … Van Noi village, Hong Tien commune (Khoai Chau district) is the hometown of Madam Hoang Thi Loan, mother of President Ho Chi Minh.

Hung Yen people are rich in patriotism, heroism, resilience in fighting against foreign invaders, rich in revolutionary traditions, and soon absorbed the light of Marxism-Leninism ideology and Ho Chi Minh's thought on the road to national liberation and building of revolutionary movements on the homeland. In 1929, the Indochinese Communist Party Cell of Sai Thi (Khoai Chau district) was established - the first communist party cell in Hung Yen. Since then, the revolutionary struggle movements in Hung Yen had a leading political party organization and rapidly mushroomed all over the province.

Under the leadership and direction of the Party Central Committee and the Northern Party Committee, on July 1941, the Provisional Provincial Party of Hung Yen province was established, marking the birth of Hung Yen Provincial Party Committee and the considerable growth of the revolutionary movement and at the same time affirming that, the Party organization in Hung Yen has stood under the glorious flag of the Party, blended and flowed together in the revolutionary waterfall of the Party and the nation, contributing to a miracle with the Party and the people with glorious milestones in the history of the Party and the nation. During this period, Hung Yen recorded numerous staunch communist soldiers and outstanding revolutionaries such as: Comrades To Hieu, Nguyen Binh, Le Van Luong, Hero of the People's Armed Force Bui Thi Cuc…Specially, Hung Yen is the hometown of General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, a resilient communist who paved the path for the renewal of the country. 

During the period of building socialism in the North, The Provincial Party Committee led the People to produce and fight at the same time, and achieved great results. The various sections of the people were forged through hardship, sacrifice, steadfastness, and an iron heart with the Party to soon join the General Uprising of the August Revolution in 1945 to regain power in the hands of the People.
During the resistance war against the French colonial empire, Hung Yen's army and people joined forces, united, stood up to fight foreign invaders and became a province with a highly developed People's War movement in the Northern Delta, Uncle Ho commended and awarded the flag "United people to defeat the French colonial invaders".

During the period of building socialism in the North, "Fight to kick America imperialists out, fight to topple the puppet regime" in the South, the Provincial Party Committee led the People to both produce and fight, and achieved great results. Hung Yen was awarded the flags 4 times by Uncle Ho to do the best irrigation in the North; was the leading province in the movement of Complementary education, was awarded the Leading Flag by the Party Central Committee, the Third-class Labor Medal and then the Second-class Labor Medal for Complementary education. In the period of 1968 to 1996, Hung Yen province and Hai Duong province were merged, Hai Hung Party Committee and People united in defeating the US imperialist's destruction war in the North, building a solid rear for the southern front line, and moving the whole country to socialism. The province was awarded the Gold Star order, Ho Chi Minh Order, the First-Class Resistance war Order, the Rotary Flag, determined to defeat the American invaders.

Over 80 years of establishment and development, the Party Committee of Hung Yen province has led the People to write heroic history pages, significantly contributing to the overall victory of the country. 

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Huu Nghia delivered gifts to workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Huu Nghia delivered gifts to workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic


Implementing the Party's renewal policy, especially after 25 years since the province's re-establishment (January 1, 1997), in the difficult conditions of a purely agricultural province with a low starting point, the Party Committee, the government, the armed force and the people have promoted patriotism and revolutionary heroism; brought into play all resources; overcome challenges; boosted industrialization, modernization and international integration, and received comprehensive achievements. By 2020, Hung Yen's budget revenue has increased nearly 200 times. Listed in the category of 3 provinces producing the lowest income in the country, up to now, the province is one out of 16 provinces and cities that do self-balance budget and expenditure. The average economic growth rate in the period of 2016-2020 has reached 8.38% per year; gross domestic product per capita has reached nearly 79 million VND per year, ranking 12th out of 63 provinces and cities in the country. The economic structure of the province is rapidly shifting towards industry. Socio-economic infrastructure developed synchronously. Hung Yen now is the choice of many domestic and foreign investors; currently there are over 13,000 businesses registered to operate in the province. The province completed the tasks of building the new-style rural area in 2020. The fields of education - training, health care, culture, society, national defense and security have all gained important achievements. The material and spiritual life of the people has been improved remarkably, the urban and rural appearance of the province has changed a lot into bright, green, clean and beautiful direction. The work of building a clean and strong Party and political system has been paid attention and effectively implemented. There has been a positive change in the operational efficiency of governments at all levels; focus on building a government of integrity, creativity, action and service. The great unity of the whole people continues to be consolidated and strengthened; People's confidence in the Party was raised. Defense and security are maintained; social order and discipline are enhanced; Foreign relations are constantly expanding...

The goal striving by 2030 is to build a rich, beautiful, civilized province with the industry categorized in the group of strong development of the whole country; GRDP per capita in the leading group in the country, reaching over 8,500 USD per person; the digital economy accounting for over 30% of GRDP; large urban areas and new style rural area; highly efficient, safe and sustainable commodity agriculture; and basically, become a city directly under the Central Government. Before 2037 - 40 years of re-establishing the province, Hung Yen will become a city directly under the Central Government; by 2045, Hung Yen will be a smart city; fully promote the core values of the ancient Pho Hien culture; is a beautiful, civilized, modern, prosperous province with rich cultural identity of the center of the Red River Delta. The 19th Hung Yen Provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term determined to accelerate the implementation of three strategic breakthroughs: Building, managing and organizing the implementation of the provincial planning; Focus on attracting investment in accordance with the planning and prioritize large-scale projects, high-tech industries, supporting industries and digital technology industries, which make huge contributions to growth and the State budget; Focusing on solving difficulties, mobilizing resources for infrastructure investment in socio-economy, trade and service and urban areas, developing digital infrastructure, prioritizing transport infrastructure and key areas to create momentum for development. On the basis of staff planning, the province should strengthen training, evaluation and utilization through promoting rotation between levels and branches; pay attention to building a contingent of successors of young staff, female staff and ones having prestige and outstanding capacity. 

Promoting the achievements in the 190 years of the provincial establishment, 80 years of the establishment of the Provincial Party Committee and the 25 years of re-establishment of the province, with pride and profound belief in the glorious Communist Party of Vietnam, great Uncle Ho and predecessors, the Party Committee, the government and the people of Hung Yen province promise to develop the homeland's tradition of civilization, revolution and heroism; enhance solidarity, overcome challenges and difficulties, engage bravery and intelligence; strongly innovate leadership methods, stay proactive and creative to arouse all potentials, advantages and resources to achieve the set goals.


Member of Executive Committee of the Central Communist Party
Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

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